Why MyArmenia

The competitive advantages of MyArmenia are numerous but the most important ones include its dedication to the authenticity of products, quality of services, focus on safety, ethics and sustainability as well as producing exceptional value for the partners and travellers.

Authenticity: MyArmenia is all about providing experiences beyond the standard travel and visits to sightseeing places though fostering meaningful connections to the history, culture, people, nature, heritage of Armenia.

Acting local: MyArmenia designs, organises and executes tours and travel packages in-house that means we can provide our partners with entirely tailor-made products, higher quality of service, more reliable and loyal partnership and greater value.

Exceptional Value: MyArmenia being one of the leading tour operators in Armenia, offers the most competitive rates and the best-value-for-money in the country – thus lowering overall travel costs for you without corners being cut.

No hidden costs: MyArmenia does not appreciate travel packages and tour programmes with hidden costs or unclear terms. Hence, our terms are always crystal clear, and you always know what you would be receiving from us with a language you can freely communicate.

Ethics and respect: MyArmenia aims at fostering cooperation, fairness, integrity and respect for diversity regardless of race, gender, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or political conviction.

Individual account management: MyArmenia’s programmes are mostly tailor-made and custom-designed and therefore there is a dedicated account manager who is a single point of contact for you. This makes the planning and execution process much smoother and the communication less time consuming.

The Team and Truck Record: MyArmenia’s multi-lingual team is highly qualified, trained and experienced as a result of more than 15 years of track record in travel business.

Health and Safety of travellers is of the highest attention at MyArmenia. Continues certifications of personnel and suppliers in managing emergencies such as provision of first-aid care and following internationally set standards in safety are non-negotiable to be followed by all personnel and suppliers of MyArmenia.

Sustainability: MyArmenia takes into consideration sustainability elements in all its operations whether at the office or designing or executing its travel packages and tour programmes. MyArmenia together is heavily involved in implementing environmentally and socially responsible actions and supporting to promote sustainable and community tourism in Armenia.

Insurance: MyArmenia possesses professional indemnity, general liability and health insurance for all our services/partners/clients as per EU standards – unprecedented in Armenia/Georgia


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Phone: +374 91 415819

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